Top three Tame Impala songs to listen to on a sunny day

Feature Image Source: Nick Fancher / Stereogum

If Upbeat rhythms, RnB beats with a hint of Bee Gees disco-like flavour appeal as the perfect combination for strolling on a sunny day, here are three songs to add to your playlist – courtesy of Australia’s very own Tame Impala.

1. Alter Ego

A raw taste of Modern Psychedelia, Alter Ego’s fast-paced percussions coupled with heavily synthesized guitars is exactly what you need to get your day going. With an emotional guitar riff that seamlessly captures the image of the sun receding on the horizon, this song is perfect for walks by the beach.

 2. Beverly Laurel

A B-side of Lonerism, what’s amazing about this song is its simplistic nature. From the lyrics to the music production, Beverly Laurel’s mesmerising melody enhances the sense of wonder and adventure when exploring your local city. 

3. The Less I Know the Better

With introspective lyrics and a groovy bass-line to match, imagine yourself strolling through the streets like John Travolta in the beginning of Saturday Night Fever. An ideal addition to your roaming-around-solo playlist. 


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