Ben & Jerry’s Urge Australians to #VoteClimate this election


Ice-cream giant Ben & Jerry’s is urging voters to keep climate change their number one concern when hitting the polls this election by offering anyone who pledges to #VoteClimate a free scoop of ice-cream.

Ben & Jerry’s has been an advocate for climate change action for many years and in the past has urged customers around the world to stand up and voice their concerns that climate change is an issue they care about that requires immediate action. 

Ben & Jerry’s is also not afraid to take action against the negative impacts its own industry has on the environment. In 2002, it launched a carbon offset program for its manufacturing facilities in Vermont before running its first global warming advocacy campaign in partnership with Dave Matthews Band in 2007.

Ben & Jerry’s is constantly making efforts to reduce its collective carbon footprint to fight climate change and is hoping Australians can help do the same.

Now with the 2019 Federal election underway, Ben & Jerry’s has turned its sights towards younger Australians, pleading for them to think carefully about the issue of global warming before they go to vote.

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The company has regularly shown its support for individuals fighting against climate change in Australia.

Ben & Jerry’s had this to say about the younger generations actively attempting to bring forth change in Melbourne this year:

“The recent climate strikes by school students show that young Australians care deeply about their planet. Unsurprising – as they’re the ones who will have to live with the impacts of climate change the longest. […] They want climate action now and they want adults and politicians to take notice.”

Students protesting for climate change at Parliament House on March 15th. Source:

Young people are the major focus for Ben & Jerry’s #VoteClimate pledge for this year’s election. The company also believes the evidence suggests that young Australians are already widely concerned with climate change and are eager to make a difference.

Ben & Jerry’s brings attention to a recent study that found eight in 10 young people are concerned with the direction the world is going. The study also found that climate change was in the younger generations’ top three concerns and that 43% of young Australians are more worried about the environment and climate change than any other global issue. 

That is why Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with to spread awareness to more young people about the effects of climate change and what they can do to help before the election on May 18. In addition to this, the company has also partnered with the Australian Young Climate Coalition (AYCC) to spread the word of climate change and help young Australians check their electoral enrolment status before the big day.

With an obvious collective concern for climate change and global warming being evident between young Australians, Ben & Jerry’s believes now is the time for the younger generation to come together this election and vote for who they believe is committed to fighting climate change and has future generations’ best interests at heart.

For more information on the campaign, and to pledge to #VoteClimate this election, click the link below. 

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