Ranking the NBA’s most cold-blooded buzzer beaters

Kawhi Leonard and teammates celebrate reaching the Eastern Conference finals. (Photo AP)

Buzzer beaters are clutch shots at the end of games that change the outcome. Legacies and careers are built on how players perform under pressure – there is no bigger moment in basketball then taking the last shot of the game for the win. 

(3) On March 25th 2019, the Charlotte Hornets were in the hunt for a playoff spot late in the season. Shooting guard Jeremy Lamb hammered home a game-winner from 48 feet – the second-longest recorded buzzer-beater in the past 20 years. Lamb’s effort comes in at third due to the significance of the shot – the Hornets ultimately fell short in their playoff run and finished 9th.

(2) Damian Lillard was dominant for Portland in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, firing home an ambitious 37-footer over an elite defender in Paul George. The four-time All Star clinched the series 4-1 in the best of seven against Oklahoma City, which will be remembered for Lillard’s stare-down amidst the jubilant celebrations.

(1) Kawhi Leonard sent his luckless Toronto side to the Eastern Conference finals with a stunning fade away jump shot with scores level. In the deciding Game Seven, Leonard was at his best when taking the game winning shot over seven-foot Joel Embiid. The crowd was left in suspense as the ball ricocheted around the rim before dropping amid an outpouring of emotion. The former finals MVP’s shot is the only buzzer beater to ever be scored in a Game Seven of the NBA playoffs. 


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