Bloom Girl: The latest film on the new platform IGTV

A scene from the film Boom Girl


Bloom Girl is a 24 minute-long short film recently released on Instagram’s new ‘IGTV’ feature. Allowing users to upload videos of up to an hour in length, this feature is set to be a new frontier for content creation.

Source: @meohmygirl, Instagram

Artist and photographer, Charli Burrowes (@meohmygirl), wrote, directed and stars in Boom Girl. Created by a talented team of five from Brisbane, the film is set in Venice, Italy, and is semi-autobiographical, drawing on Burrowes’ own experiences of ‘letting go’ – of heartache, perfection and expectation – as a young, impressionable, adult.

Source: @meohmygirl, Instagram

At some points in the film it feels at though Burrowes has tried too hard to make the work aesthetically appealing, at times feeling inorganic and staged. The aesthetics, however, reveal the protagonist’s struggle with perfection, her need for this “enlightening” Italian experience to, at all times, be Instagram-worthy.

Burrowes has also cited filmmaker Wes Anderson as one of her main cinematic inspirations, influencing her colour palette and staged, symmetrical shots.

Bloom Girl’s colour palette of warm yellows, oranges and reds gives the film a nostalgic feeling, as though Burrowes is looking back on her experience as a fond memory. The colour blue, however has been purposely left out of the film – Burrowes explaining on her Instagram page that blue reminded her of the boy who broke her heart.

Source: @meohmygirl, Instagram

Avoiding blue and any mention of the boy ensures the intended message of the film is not diluted; Bloom Girl is not about a girl having her heart broken, it is about a girl healing herself – growing from experience, and blooming.

Those who watch Bloom Girl are bound to find a part of themselves in the story and be moved, and, if you’re like me, a few tears are inevitable.

The short film was released early this week, less than a year after IGTV’s launch and just weeks after Instagram announced it has partnered with the Sydney Film Festival and VICE to create Australia’s first IGTV Film Festival, taking place this June.

Drawing on survey and trend data, Instagram for Business indicates IGTV and similar long-form video social platforms are the future for content creators and content consumers.

“We’re evolving with the times; these days, people are watching less TV and more digital video. By 2021, mobile video will account for 78 per cent of total mobile data traffic. We’ve also learned that younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals.”

(Source: Instagram for Business, 2019)

Bloom Girl is a telltale of what’s to come. As more of our lives transition online, it is likely creators will continue to use social media platforms, like Instagram, to promote and share their works – supporting the arts is now as easy as double-tapping.


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