How to: survive exam period


Let’s face it, exams are approaching and you’re starting to stress. But before you begin to think you’ll never finish your degree, try these five quick methods to make this period easier. 

1. Eat well
During this time, many students will eat the most convenient and tastiest thing they can find. Although unhealthy study snacks are a great way to motivate you throughout the day, they can damage your concentration and overall health. Try substituting your junk food for brain food such as fruit and vegetables! 

2. Exercise
Exercise is a great way to relieve stress as it releases endorphins. Any sports such as walking, running or even group activities will effectively help your study in the long run. 

3. Rest up
Even though this is the most obvious tip, many students ignore it. Try to plan ahead to get enough sleep. It is recommended that 18-25 year olds get roughly eight hours a day. The all-night cramming won’t be worth the subsequent exhaustion. 

4. Choose your study location carefully
Just because your friends are studying somewhere does not mean you have to as well. Try finding yourself a quiet and relaxing environment to minimise any distractions. 

5. Use study groups
I know we all hate socialising with strangers, especially when it comes to university. But don’t knock it until you try it. Study groups can be a great and effective way to collaborate with other students in the same position as you. 

Remember, don’t let your stress get the better of you. Study hard and put in the work. Good Luck!


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