Vicious death case and the safety of international students

Wang Huiyao

The recent death of a woman in Melbourne’s CBD has raised the issue of safety for international students.

The police found the woman’s body in Chinatown in Melbourne at 6.30am on April 24.The police blocked the street for investigation immediately after the incident.

The woman’s death caused a huge storm among Chinese students, and again raised the issue of safety for international students in Melbourne. 

Although the victim was not a Chinese international student, the location her body was found in and her age has caused concern for this group of students.

The safety of international students studying abroad needs to be addressed by the government, society, parents and all international students. 

As a huge number of students go to study abroad, there are a lot of safety accidents reported. Because many of these accidents did not happen near us, the personal safety of international students was often ignored by Chinese students, before the woman’s death. 

The Chinese Study Abroad Development Report, the blue book published by the Education Bureau, pointed out that the latest data released by the Ministry of Education showed that the total number of Chinese students studying in Australia last year was 544,500.

The ‘Blue Book’ emphasises that students should be aware of their own personal safety while studying abroad, including traffic safety, personal injury, property safety and psychological safety.

International students not only need to focus on their ability to live independently and their academic tasks, but also have some self-protection awareness. 

The director of the Globalization, Wang Huiyao, thinks that overseas universities should hold safety training for international students before they start study abroad. International students should also keep in contact with their parents, guardians, local institutions, embassies, consulates and student unions to strengthen the awareness of prevention and legal issues.

Perhaps the differences in language, culture, and living environment will cause international students some problems and self-adjusting. Therefore, it is important to put the safety of international students in the hands of many different groups.

While students can find the path to suit them best, universities should also create a safe studying environment for them.

Luckily, Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world. The crime rate is much lower than other countries with a large number of international students, such as the United States. That’s one piece of great news for students here in Australia.



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