Jaclyn Hill breaks her silence after ‘failed’ lipstick launch


Jaclyn Hill has resurfaced with a YouTube video addressing her disappearance off social media following the ‘failed’ launch of her new makeup brand, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. 

Last month, Hill faced heavy criticism after thousands of fans found strange black dots, white fluff, and other defects in her lipsticks. Some bullets even melted and broke on their first use. 








For those who don’t get what the big deal is all about – it’s just some fluff in your lipstick –  local beauty guru and Jaclyn Hill fan, Noor Al, explains the standard for high-end beauty, and how badly this may impact a consumer’s loyalty. 


Following the fiasco, Hill disappeared from social media (which understandably aggravated her followers even more), only to return last week with what she calls an apology video. 

In her video titled Where I’ve Been, Hill admits that her launch “failed”. She blames her lack of quality control for the faux pas and cites problems with mass production and a short timeframe.

The fact that Hill hyped up her launch so much also adds to her dramatic downfall. 

Most of the beauty community didn’t appreciate her jumping on the long-and-emotional-and-dramatic-video bandwagon, which appears to be all the rage in the beauty world right now.

Followers claim that she is playing the victim, that she didn’t really explain anything or apologise, and that she’s not facing her mistake like a professional CEO. 

The beauty blogger turned brand owner has had a blemished career for many years now, with many beauty fans accusing her of cheating, lying and manipulating her audience. Could this launch be the last straw for our fresh entrepreneur? 

Hill is aiming to redeem herself by offering a complete refund and a free lipstick to anyone who is dissatisfied. She also reassures her audience that she has hired and fired many people in the past month, and asserts that despite the ugly flaws, her lipsticks are still perfectly safe to use. 

It’s not clear how many fans will still remain loyal to her brand, but it appears that many are expecting more than a sob story and a free lipstick. 


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