REVIEW: How great is The Great Moscow Circus?

Tight rope walkers performing Photo: Jade Palmer

Going to the circus as a child, everything amazed me – the stunts, the props, the glittery costumes. The whole atmosphere was magical.

When the circus comes to town, most people don’t bat an eyelid as they drive past its temporary location. Others only go to give their children that magical experience that they remember from their own childhood.

The Great Moscow Circus has been touring Australia leaving crowds speechless for many years but honestly, I was afraid to go back in case I was paying to see things I have seen many times before.

Seat view of ring
Photo: Jade Palmer

So, just how great is The Great Moscow Circus?

TGS hit song, The Greatest Show, performed by contestant of season 6 of The Voice, Taylah Harrington, will have you singing along or at the very least, tapping your foot to the beat in the first performance of the night!

Tight rope walkers performing
Photo: Jade Palmer

I can say with relief that there are no performing lions or elephants, however there are show ponies. The miniature ponies perform simple acts of sitting in chairs and running around the ring in a perfect synchronised circle. However, if seeing animals perform isn’t a high interest then it’s the perfect time to get up to stretch your legs and refill your popcorn tub!

Walison Muh is a crowd favourite. The young Brazilian man isn’t the traditional clown with large shoes and a red nose, although he does keep the appearance of the bright coloured hair but in the style of a mohawk! Walison communicates to the audience with clever sound effects that will have you questioning if the noises really came from him or not! He selects people of all ages to participate in his short but entertaining acts. Throughout the entire show, expect to see Walison Muh several times delivering hilarious and witty performances.

Trampoline gymnasts performance
Photo: Jade Palmer

Jam packed with performances from gymnasts, contortionists, tight rope walkers and extreme stunts that take your nerves to the next level, be sure to take a toilet break during the show’s 20-minute interval because you won’t want to miss a thing!

Dangerous spinning pinwheel performance
Photo: Jade Palmer

The entire show was enjoyable from start to finish and easily entertains people of all ages. 

When The Great Moscow Circus visits your town next, take the family, take your partner or even just take yourself – and be sure to take photos with all the performers at the end of the show as they give you a warm goodbye.


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