Why studying abroad is beneficial for personal growth

Melbourne. Photo supplied by Lyu Zhi xian
Melbourne. Photo supplied by Lyu Zhi xian

Studying abroad might be one of the most beneficial experiences a young person can have. By studying abroad, students have an opportunity to take in the culture of different countries, gain life experience and learn more skills. 

As an international student, I went through lots of situations I could not go through in China. The experience of studying abroad will change me forever.

Vina in Australia. Melbourne. Photo supplied by Lyu Zhi xian
Vina in Australia. Melbourne. Photo supplied by Lyu Zhi xian

I have been studying in Melbourne for almost four years. In the beginning, I regretted coming to Melbourne because I felt lonely and helpless. I did not have friends and parents in Melbourne, I felt uneasy in an unfamiliar environment. As the days progressed, I became independent and confident, and I also thought studying abroad was the best decision I ever made. Studying abroad made me far more self-sufficient and independent. It is beneficial for a young person’s personal growth.

Here is why:

Gain life skills

Studying abroad leads to many experiences you won’t have at home. As a university student living in a foreign country, I need to try new things, meet new friends and deal with life and study problems. Living environment, study, interpersonal communication, self-protection and money management are important things for international students. Young people will get the opportunity to conquer challenges and solve different problems.

Study in overseas. Photo supplied by kango kiwi study abroad
Study in Australia. Photo supplied by kango kiwi study abroad

Broaden my horizons

As an international student, I make friends from different countries. It helps me to see the world from a new perspective. I can appreciate and respect other cultures, change the worldview, see the world beyond their window and hear different voices. Young people can gain a global perspective. Studying abroad has allowed me to be a global citizen.

Passion for learning

It is a good chance to experience different styles of education. In the university, I can communicate the global culture with my classmates and gain academic skills from tutors. It makes me passionate about learning.

In Class. Photo supplied by Lyu Zhi xian
In Class. Photo supplied by Lyu Zhi xian

Hone language skills

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a new language. When I want to integrate into a country, I need to have a good command of its language. Befriending other students of different nationalities is the best way to immerse me in the language.

I love English.Photo supplied by Grammarly
I love English.Photo supplied by Grammarly

Independence and confidence

Studying abroad has taught me to always try new things. I have many challenges by studying abroad. It makes young people become a stronger, confident, and capable person to deal with the different challenges in life.

Personal Development

Before I went abroad, I was an introvert. Studying abroad experiences made me confident and I can adjust my way of life. I try to make myself better by gaining professional knowledge, experiencing different cultures and adjust my mindset.



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