Want to save the Environment? Ditch these beauty habits

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So you have just finished junk free July, you carry a reusable coffee cup wherever you go and you bring your own bags to the supermarket. 
But how about the impact that your beauty habits might have on the environment? It’s easier than you think to make your beauty habits more eco friendly too.

#1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Ethique Shampoo and Conditioner Range © Ethique

More than 552 million shampoo bottles could be ending up in landfill every year in America alone, according to Johnson and Johnson.

Being someone with long, thick hair, I never really thought about how much of an impact my hair products were having on the environment.

When I learnt about Ethique’s Shampoo and Conditioner bars, which are plastic free, cruelty free, plant based and sustainable I couldn’t be more excited to give them a go.

Another bonus is these bars are amazing to travel with. I just popped them into my toiletry bag and didn’t have to worry about baggage restrictions, or having them explode on the flight.

#2 Face Wipes

At the end of a long day (or night) nothing beats the feeling of pulling out a fresh face wipe and getting rid of that excess makeup.

But when it comes to the environment, face wipes just don’t stack up. 

The average face wipe takes 100 years to break down, and the average makeup wearer uses 730 makeup wipes per year.

With face wipes called out for their impact on the environment, a number of bio-degradable options are not on the market.

However bio-degradable products aren’t all they are cracked up to be, and require specific conditions to actually break down as they should.

Using a reusable makeup remover such as the Face Halo, means you are not only saving face wipes from landfill, but also limiting the amount of chemicals that you put on your face.

#3 Cut the Palm Oil

By now we are all aware of the devastating effects that palm oil has on the environment. But most of us would be shocked to learn that palm oil isn’t just confined to food products, it’s found in a number of everyday beauty products.

Vogue reported that derivatives of palm oil found in commonly used beauty products are the leading cause of deforestation.

If you would like to learn more about ditching palm oil from your beauty regime, visit this link.


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