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After the enormous and continuing success of his previous album Beerbongs and Bentleys, nearly 18 months later Post Malone has released his third studio album Hollywood’s Bleeding.

Post Malone’s rise to popularity was rapid after the release of his first song uploaded to SoundCloud entitled White Iverson, a very hip-hop-heavy track that preceded his first album Stoney. The debut album was described as lacklustre by many fans of his first song, and although multiple tracks in the EP shot to the top of the charts and remain popular today, Post Malone himself was quickly written off as a one-hit wonder.

This soon changed however after the release of his second album Beerbongs and Bentleys which was well received by critics and loved by fans. Now with some of his newer singles such as Sunflower and Rockstar having reached over one billion plays on Spotify, it’s plain to see that Post Malone’s popularity isn’t just a fluke.

Post Malone in ‘Saint Tropez’ music video

In an interview with GQ, Post says his mission for Beerbongs and Bentleys was to create an album that eliminates genre by blending multiple ones together, with his belief that “it should just be music, you know?”. It is obvious that Post has repeated this method in his new album Hollywood’s Bleeding and created a career-defining album that brings together elements of hip-hop, pop, country and even 80s-esque rhythm that appeals to any generation of new and old listeners.

Clocking in at 51 minutes and 4 seconds, the album consists of slow and lyrically retrospective moments as well as more upbeat tunes that would appeal to any top 40 playlist.


Speaking to Spotify, Post Malone says the first song off the album – also titled Hollywood’s Bleeding – stems from his recent move from Los Angeles to Utah, which Post says he did to escape the overwhelming intensity of life in Hollywood, which he describes as:

“… a strange vibe to where it feels like a lot of vampires out there want to suck the life from you. I wanted to flip it back to show the whole scene is f*cked in itself.”

Along with previously released singles that shot to the top of the Billboard charts such as Goodbyes, Sunflower and Circles, Post Malone is expected to have many more No.1 hits due to the impressive amount of featured artists throughout the album. 

With popular performers such as Halsey, Meek Mill and Travis Scott, Post also graces our ears with a debut by the iconic Ozzy Osbourne in the rock-heavy track Take What You Want.

The album concludes with a pre-released single which topped the charts after its release in March, the title of which also perfectly sums up the reaction listeners will have when hearing the genius that is Hollywood’s BleedingWow.

This album is career-defining for Post Malone in every sense. It defines the lack of genre in each song that makes his music appealing to so many different people. It defines his sheer talent in lyrical storytelling that can tug at the heart strings in one song and have you ready to start head-banging in the next. And most importantly, it defines him unequivocally as a music icon. 


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