They’re the change we want to see in the world

Melbourne's CBD was swarmed with protestors, wanting the government to act on climate change. Photo: Michaela Meade

Over 150,000 students, First Nations people and activists of all ages gathered in Melbourne’s Treasury Gardens on Friday to strike in support of climate action.

D*scribe reporter Michaela Meade was among the inspirational crowd.

Following the strike, the organisers of School Strike 4 Climate reported they were taking time to celebrate and regroup. They will announce the next steps in the coming weeks.

Anjali, one of the student organisers of the strike, shared the biggest influence on her campaigning in the strike – the effects of climate change she has seen in the country she comes from, India.

“Just three months ago, I saw my family there have to experience India’s second longest heatwave ever, almost running out of water,” she said.

“Around 100 people were killed, some of whom my family personally knew.

“This year, monsoon season was later, weaker and shorter. Crops failed, resulting in no income, resulting in no food.”

The plea of the students seems to be falling on deaf ears to an extent, with Australia’s politicians declining comment to D*scribe.

Thea, another student organiser from School Strike 4 Climate, said on the day: “We are the youth, and it is our future we’re fighting for.”


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