Is Depop really making a difference to the slow fashion revolution?

In this podcast, Dscribe reporter Olivia Lowes speaks to the experts about the online trade in second-hand clothing.

Olivia Lowes

Getting the right help

Depression in children and teens needs to be cared for in the right way, Dscribe reporter Sara Petrie finds out, to avoid more harm to our young people.

Sara Petrie

Uncomfortably numb

What happens when caring becomes too much? Healthcare workers tell what it’s like dealing with burnout.

Nyssa Chennell Dutton

Who am I?

Take a look into the lives of third-culture individuals and the identity crisis they face

Meghan Fernandes

Getting (and giving) a haircut has never felt so good


Hairdressers across Melbourne are getting ready to reopen after weeks of lockdown, making one South Yarra salon owner as happy as his clients

Annabel MacDonald

Behind the screens: What’s it really like being an Instagram influencer?

Audio Technology

Influencers describe the ins and out and the ups and downs of making money on Instagram

Jessica Fisher

Making life-and-death choices


This podcast brings you insights into the controversial topic of voluntary assisted dying.

Naomi Newcombe

Inside Vietnam’s underworld: Human trafficking in the pandemic


Meet the muay thai gym owner who is working to help those caught up in this illegal trade.

Krystle Richardson

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Weed killer in our waterways


It’s been banned by the EU and studies have shown it can reduce penis size in our native marsupials but Australia still uses 2.7 million kilograms of this chemical herbicide.

Parker McKenzie

Saving a national icon: who’s doing what to combat koala extinction


Bushfires, development, loss of trees, climate change and too many weeds – the number of factors threatening Australia’s koalas is frightening, Kristen Hart discovers.

Kristen Hart


Footy’s loss is cricket’s gain

Audio Sport

The abandoned AFL Barwon season means Geelong-region cricket clubs can now get ready for the summer without having to dodge late football games

Luke McCullough


Hoping to open again: Piccinini’s exhibition is waiting


It’s been delayed, open and closed over the past few months due to lockdowns, but Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition A Miracle Constantly Repeated is now sitting waiting to open again at Melbourne’s Flinders Street ballroom.

Paris Emini

Capturing an audience without a crowd


The creator of a viral video tells why he needed to highlight what Covid has been like for those in show business.

Emily Dobson