Suicide: Those left behind and those who are trying to prevent it


Thousands of Australian’s take their own life each year. Lauren Haines looks at the latest report that suggests early intervention could be a key to reducing the tragic toll.

Lauren Haines

From the front line: our national domestic violence crisis


Reports of domestic violence have risen during the year of Covid lockdowns, and continue to do so.

Madelyne Knape

Back on track: grassroots motor racing picks up speed


Motor racing isn’t all about Formula One or Supercars – at a grassroots level, the drivers are just happy to be back on the track.

Keegan Bennet

Social group balloons from six members to 60 in just two months


Bayley Cocking finds out why this social group in Bannockburn is so popular – cakes, cups of tea, bingo, guest speakers and, most importantly, friendship.

Bayley Cocking

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Protecting Adelaide’s hinterland

Environment Video

Benjamin Filosi meets the volunteers helping to keep an important tract of Adelaides nature reserve alive and thriving.

Benjamin Filosi

Weed killer in our waterways


It’s been banned by the EU and studies have shown it can reduce penis size in our native marsupials but Australia still uses 2.7 million kilograms of this chemical herbicide.

Parker McKenzie

Saving a national icon: who’s doing what to combat koala extinction


Bushfires, development, loss of trees, climate change and too many weeds – the number of factors threatening Australia’s koalas is frightening, Kristen Hart discovers.

Kristen Hart


A year without UniSport Nationals

Audio Sport

For many students, UniSport Nationals is a key part of the university experience. Not being able to compete because of Covid 19 just doesn’t feel right.

Phina Newton

Surf coaching in a pandemic

Sport Video

Perfect your surfing technique out of the water and online? It can be done.

Nathan Rivalland



Are you a boy or a girl?


Hear from those who have embraced a non-binary identity and what the term means to them.

Alana Foster