Yelled at by players, despised by fans, who wants to be an ump? 


Umpires young and old reveal why they are happy to pick up the whistle each week.

Hayley Ralph

Not again: Businesses given just two hour’s notice to lockdown


Patience is thinning for some of Geelong’s small business owners after they were told to shut their doors again for another lockdown.

Luke McCullough

The little Sydney food charity that can’t be locked down


The food and support this charity gives to Sydney’s inner city homeless population has never been more needed.

Dane Uechtritz

Get the jab to find a match


Could a vaccination badge be the most attractive thing to have in the online dating scene?

Jess Pye

The Playlist


Weed killer in our waterways


It’s been banned by the EU and studies have shown it can reduce penis size in our native marsupials but Australia still uses 2.7 million kilograms of this chemical herbicide.

Parker McKenzie

Saving a national icon: who’s doing what to combat koala extinction


Bushfires, development, loss of trees, climate change and too many weeds – the number of factors threatening Australia’s koalas is frightening, Kristen Hart discovers.

Kristen Hart


Opinion: MRO let the players go

AFL Opinion

In the midst of a controversial AFL season with the ‘fabric of our game’ in question, Hayden Nankin says Round 10 provided plenty of talking points.

Hayden Nankin

All systems go: Local footy makes a comeback


It’s been a long COVID-induced wait but finally the ball has been bounced to signal the return of local footy.

Luke McCullough


Do Australians suck at eSports?


Australians are famed for their sporting obsessions, but when it comes to eSports, we’re nowhere near the winners’ podium.

Jack Morgan