Shaan Lim: From Numbers to Yoga

I was born in Singapore and I was always very active as a young child, possibly hyperactive, always on the move, I sleep very little and I hardly get tired.
I have two older sisters and a younger brother and they’re not like me at all.
My mum would always say to me, “you’re out of control, how much energy do you have”?
I always knew I would live in another country and I always wanted to see another country but I wanted to do it on my own.
I came to Australia at 18 to study Accounting and Finance at Melbourne University.
My parents were supportive, they wanted me to go out, ground myself and experience life on my own because I was never grounded in Singapore and couldn’t find my way.
I worked as an accountant for seven years after graduating but it was so boring because you just churn out numbers. But I do love numbers and I am a numbers person, but it’s just a boring and mundane job being at a desk, in front of your computer from 9-5 everyday.
Singapore is fast-paced in the business world and it’s a great place to further your career but I always wanted to do something more with my life that could channel my energy.
I wanted to meet people outside the business world, people who are into lifestyle, so when I came to Melbourne I thought, wow, this is really the place where I want to be.
There is the corporate world of Melbourne but then there’s real people who care about their health and enjoy doing things they love.
Five years into my job as an accountant, my friend from Singapore came to visit and recommended I try a Bikram Yoga class because she knew I would like it and it would be my thing.

At first I said to her that yoga wasn’t my thing, that sleepy, meditation style wasn’t my thing but she persisted I try a class, so I did.
It was a Thursday night and the minute I stepped into the yoga room, it was so hot, it was 40 degrees Celsius and the minute we started the breathing exercise, I remember that exact moment when I felt I was going to do this for the rest of my life.
It was the moment I thought, this is it, this is it, this is the workout I want so I’ve been practising Bikram Yoga since 2005.
 I always had that mindset that you need a corporate job so to become a yoga teacher wasn’t a thought that crossed my mind and could become a career path for me.
The more I worked in my accounting job, the more I felt everything I learnt at University wasn’t being put to use, until one day the thought crossed my mind about teaching a yoga class.
My parents thought it was a terrible idea when I told them I wanted to be a yoga teacher, but I told them I was going to do it as I had worked hard, saved up all my money and my boss was very supportive at the time for the nine weeks I was away to do the course.
My parents now think their naughtiest child is now the most successful one because I am living the life I want. I am really happy because this is what I want, I turned a hobby into a job and it’s my passion.
 I opened my first Bikram Yoga studio in 2009 at Werribee, followed by a second studio in 2013 at Yarraville.
It’s what I envisioned for myself, meeting a lot of people, seeing people change their lives with yoga and being part of a happy lifestyle.
Yoga is a discipline practice, I love the heat and the routine, it is the same postures every class and I always searched to find that one thing in my life, and I found it.
It makes me tired, it calms me down so I can collect my thoughts and after 90 minutes in each class, I can prioritise what is important in my life and that’s my meditation.
The heat detoxifies the body, it allows the body to be worked from the inside to the outside, stretches the spine for people with back problems and it changes people on the subconscious level to look after themselves and their health.
Yoga allows you to listen to your body and be in tune with it.
My favourite posture is the triangle posture, it works the whole body and I will do this for the rest of my life.
You’re never too old, it’s never too late and you’re never too sick to start from scratch again.


Source- Shaan Lim



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