Should Moomba Festival Be Dead?

For the past 63 years, City of Melbourne has successfully held the largest free community festival in Melbourne, Moomba.
Moomba, which means “Let’s get together and have fun” might be boring and old for some Australians who went to the festival religiously but it seemed interesting and fun for tourists and international students who are a first-timers.
According to some people Moomba is dead compared to Royal Melbourne Show and other festivals, however, the number of people that showed up in the festival showed that Moomba is not outdated.
This year, Moomba Festival was held from the 10th–13th March 2017 on the side of Yarra River at Birrarung Marr and Alexandra Gardens. What made Moomba special this year is that it fell on Labour day.
The family-friendly event showcased a range of carnival rides, games, kid’s activities and water sports that are suitable for children and adults.
One of the kid’s games.
There were also live entertainments performed by the local performers and a few food trucks that sells different types of foods from appetizer to desserts.
Nicholas, an international student who has been attending the festival for the past two years said that the festival remains the same in some aspects.
Nicholas being interviewed.
“It’s my second time here and there’s not much different with the festival, but there were a few games that I didn’t see least year.
“In terms of the festival games, it’s fun but I guess it’s a bit pricey as well. Me personally I have never really won anything last year and this year.
“But overall it’s fun, I love the food here, gets a bit pricey as well but yeah it’s a festival. It’s entertaining that once in a while, once in a year you get to have these festivals in your local community.”
According to Renzi, one of the visitora who won the prize said that most of the games were tricky.
Renzi and her friend who won a giant doll.
“This is my first time coming to Moomba Festival. It’s a pretty good event since it’s a family-friendly environment and it’s a good way to spend time with your friends, especially on a Labour Day.
“We played basketball and won the doll but it’s pretty tricky to get the prize.”
The price range for each game varies from $5 to more than $20 per shot, depending on the difficulty level and prize.
The prize offered were mostly dolls with various sizes from the very small to the ones that are half size of an adult.
One of Moomba’s worker, Aila, believed that there were things that could be improved for the upcoming Moomba Festival.
Aila being interviewed.
“I’m here on a working holiday visa and it’s been four amazing, hot and very long day for me working here in the stand, selling balls. A lot of people, many children. I think the water games are really cool.
“Moomba should provide more ATMs and more toilets because a lot of people asked me “Where can I find the toilet?” or “Where is the ATM?” and when I tell them where it is they have to walk quite far.”
Moomba also conducts different types of activities, such as Roller Disco, Birdman Rally and Moomba Parade.
Roller Disco was a component of the festival where people can gather to play skate board.
Birdman Rally, another part of the festival where people create their own flying devices and compete to fly across the Yarra River. The purpose of this activity was to raise money for charity.
Moomba Parade, which has been done since 1955 was held on the last day of the festival.
At the end of every night, Moomba showcased fireworks to end the event.





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