Husband and Wife Caught Drink Driving Two Hours Apart


A husband and wife have been caught drink driving in two separate incidents less than two hours apart in Mornington over the weekend.

A 52-year-old Maryborough woman was alleged to have been driving erratically after leaving a Mornington licenced premises just after midnight 14 May.

After blowing a evidentiary breath test result of 0.175 per cent, the woman had her licence suspended immediately for 12 months and will be charged on summons.

Not long after police resumed their duties, they spotted the same vehicle.

The woman’s husband, a 55-year-old Maryborough man, returned an evidentiary breath test result of 0.131 per cent and he too had his license suspended for 12 months, as well as being issued with a penalty notice.

Leading Senior Constable Lee Thomson reported that officers of Task Force Razon were quite surprised by the events.

For better or for worse.



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