When Wigs And Beards Mix – Meet Ibby The Facebook Sensation

Four years ago during the end of year high school graduation, Ibrahim Akbar, better known as ‘Ibby‘ won the class clown of 2013 award. The award proved to be true as the current Facebook sensation has over 35,000 likes on his comedy page with an average of 20,000 views per video and is followed by over 23,000 people on his personal profile. 

Facebook famous Ibby creates character comedy source: Ibrahim Akbar

The 21 year old Deakin university student creates comical content based on exaggerated stereotypes of ‘Wogs’ and ‘Aussies’. Keeping it very simple with only using his Iphone, iTunes apps for editing and his social media platform for sharing, Ibby improvises his comedy on the spot. 

“I can’t imagine myself ever being serious for too long. Humour has always been one of my personal strengths and it has allowed me to make the most of every moment with inappropriate laughter,” he shares, already quick to joke about his mother being obligated to throw him a party for this interview. 

Inspired by YouTuber Superwog whose skits explore unrealistic versions of events through racial stereotypes, Ibby admits to enjoying character comedy more than he should. However unlike Superwog, Ibby works alone when it comes to filming and acting out his own characters.

His most popular fictional protagonists are two girlfriends from contrasting relationships that depict magnified stages and dilemmas of modern millennial relationships.

With only a handful of characters that all of his pre-existing fans would know, Ibby poses in a blonde wig, using Australian generalisations to display the concerns of a chilled ‘Australian girlfriend’. To which he then quickly switches up with wearing a black wig to reveal the opposed reaction of an over bearing – stage 5 clingy ‘Wog girlfriend’ who emphasises her anger over an infamous three word Middle Eastern expression- “Lek shu habibi” meaning “So what my love”. 

Ibby draws humour from exploring unrealistic relationship dilemmas
source: Ibrahim Akbar

“I know these situations are very unlikely but people still relate to it. I’ve had girls message me saying they’re going to use my lines on their partners and I’ve had guys comment on my stuff expressing that their girlfriends or female friends can react like that.”

His videos have had positive feedback from viewers as the comedian reveals that he puts his phone on silent due to the 400+ Facebook notifications he receives every time he posts a new skit. 

“I never knew that it would get to the point where I would have people messaging me to make more videos or even having people stop me in public for selfies.” 

Still unaccustomed to the growing spotlight he has unintentionally created, Ibby jokes about advertising tea on his Instagram as most social media figures do. 

“I have had the director of a hair removal clinic contact me, offering me free laser hair removal treatments.” 

“I don’t always receive special treatments and that’s totally fine, I don’t expect it at all but when I do get recognised in public people tend to be friendlier than they usually would be to a hairy Middle Eastern guy.” 

A hilarious post the comedian shared on his Instagram
source: Ibrahim Akbar

These comical acts started out for him only as a hobby but over a few short years, it has quickly progressed to being one of his favourite interests. 

“I try to post a new video up every fortnight even when I’m really busy. I enjoy it, my friends enjoy it and even though my mum finds it embarrassing I know she secretly loves it too.” 

Unbothered by the confused expressions of his younger siblings along with his parents’ disapproving faces that discreetly hide smiles, Ibby casually throws unique insults while filming himself around the house and simultaneously taking turns wearing wigs.

“There definitely has been one too many awkward moments where I’ve had my mum walk in on me, catching me in the middle of my acts and yeah I must say, it is quite unusual to wear a cheap wig with an untamed beard as part of my comedy.” 

Describing himself as an amateur actor with no professional training, Ibby has succeed in gaining the attention of Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival’s team whom reached out to organise a show for him. 

“I can’t see myself doing any stand up comedy yet as I work full time, study and enjoy making these silly videos for now but one day when I’ve graduated, I hope to do stand up comedy and collaborate with other comedy artists and talents.” 

As the internet remains his stage for now, comedy artist Ibrahim Akbar is content with continuing to create hilarious stereotypical videos and maybe even introducing new characters with better hair. 

Facebook: Ibrahim Akbar Comedy



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