Switch to Water- Take the H30 Challenge


A new health campaign initiated by VicHealth is encouraging Victorians to make a 30-day pledge to replace sugary drinks with water.

The H30 challenge aims to help improve health and establish healthier habits in Victorians by making water become the main choice of beverage to consume.

 While the campaign is directed towards all Victorians to dump sugary drinks in favour of water, the challenge is particularly focused on 18 to 34 year-olds, who are found to consume the most sugary drinks according to the State Government’s Victorian Population Health Survey.

Sugary drinks that are required to be abandoned include all soft drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, ready-to-drink iced tea, flavoured water and cordial.

For Omar Kocas, participating in the challenge seemed relatively easy and simple for him. He felt like it wouldn’t be much of a difficulty. However, within the first week, he had already struggled to adjust to the changes he had just committed to doing.

“At the beginning, I did have a few slip ups and had a sugary drink forgetting about the challenge or just not thinking about it”, says Omar. “But I didn’t let that discourage me and kept going with it”, he says.

Omar says, “As the days went on, I began to take the challenge more seriously and every time I saw a sugary drink, I automatically began to think of just water, knowing that water is always a better substitute.”

By switching sugary drinks for water, you too will improve your health by reducing the risks of weight gain, tooth decay and type 2 diabetes.




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