Students Determined To Protect University From More Anti-Semitic Attacks

Anti-Semitic conspiracy group – Chemtrails Geelong – has been escorted off Deakin University land, after its third racist campaign at the university in the last year.

Chemtrails Geelong is back for a third time. Photo: Pip May via Facebook

The secretive conspiracy group based out of Newtown Geelong was leafleting cars in Deakin’s Waurn Pond car park when security ‘removed him’.

Craig Mcclelland, Deakin’s Security and Compliance Operations Manager said: “The person responsible for the distribution of the material was in fact detected by our security staff whilst in the act. This person was immediately removed from site and was warned off returning in the future.”

In the last 12 months Chemtrails Geelong has labeled the Holocaust as “The greatest swindle of all time”, then they campaigned against the film Denial which saw academic Deborah Lipstadt successfully fighting a libel case against Holocaust denier David Irving.

Each time Chemtrails Geelong launches a campaign it targets universities across Australia and particularly in Melbourne and Geelong.

The latest leaflet is an anti-evolution statement which links back to the Chemtrails Geelong website where a discussion on science and religion descends into a long anti-semitic diatribe. 

Fed up with the offensive flyers, students are now taking matters into their own hands. 

Deakin Warun Ponds student Daniel Gabriel was infuriated by the Holocaust denial pamphlets which he first saw in April.  

Upon the reappearance of Chemtrails Geelong, anger spurred him to take action by removing the flyers from cars, one by one.

“When I got to my car and saw the anti-evolution flyers, I was in a way less understanding mood than before… I didn’t want them to think they could show up with their conspiracy garbage and influence the minds of vulnerable people,” he said.

“After I got back home, I went car to car and collected about 250 of them, maybe a bit more, because I was still pissed off, and wanted to waste his time spent trying to brainwash people with garbage science, and spreading false, potentially damaging information among impressionable but unaware people.” 

Warun Ponds student Daniel Gabriel removed over 250 flyers from cars. Photo: Daniel Gabriel via Facebook

Daniel was not the only one freeing the car park of conspiracy flyers, with campus security doing their best to clear the majority of remaining flyers.  

Geelong local Stuart Vincent Salerno is believed to be responsible for the group, which he is operating out of a home in Newtown, Geelong.  

When he was confronted by the Geelong Advertiser back in June, he refused to comment on his role in the group.

However his name, multiple email addresses and residential address all linked back to the website and the only identification directly connected to Chemtrails Geelong.

Deeply insulted by the published material, students are already preparing for his potential return.

“I’m not personally concerned for my safety… and would like to confront him next time he appears,” Daniel said.

“I do feel concern for others involved, and for the damage it can do if the misinformation spreads.”

Campus security are urging staff and students to report any flyers found or related activity.  


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