Flower Power: Can Plants Improve Your Health?

House plants not only look stylish, they also provide us with some pretty exceptional health benefits that can improve our sleeping patterns, study areas and fresh air circulation. As we know browsing Pinterest in search for the latest “trending” plant is a popular past time, but we tend to not realise what type of effect the exposure of plants in our living areas might have.

Plants by Jennifer C (CC by 2.0)

Most of us don’t even know what type of plant we should be looking for, but having a plant positioned in a small space, like a desk or study nook provides not only for a trendy look but also a more focused student. 

It’s easy enough to get outside and surround yourself with greenery, but if you went a step further and placed a few of the rights plants around your home your mental health could potentially look up. 

Firstly aloe-vera plants commonly known as the “medicine plant” have shown healing benefits that give you the ability to clean the air around you. Having clean air and natural air flow can contribute to a positive study environment, so placing a few of these in a small space, might just increase productivity.

 aloe vera y perejil by Olga Berrios
Aloe Vera Plant

NASA also completed a study called the Clean Air Study which helped determine several plants that help circulate fresh air. It showed that the spider plant can clean your house of toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. These toxins can be found in everyday items such as furniture, carpets and common household appliances.

As we all know having a good nights sleep can also determine our energy levels for the rest of the day and without it we are often left feeling rather negative. Studies have shown that certain plants release a vapor that can help relax us when it comes time to unwind. Look for Jasmine and Lavender here. 

(Image via)Lavender by Kathy Zinn (CC BY 2.0 SA)

Desk plants, particularly those with broad leaves are great to have in your working areas, whether that be inside or out. Weeping Figs (Ficus benjamina) are perfect as they are known for regulating humidity and reducing carbon dioxide. This will help with feeling tired and sluggish while conducting long periods of study. It’s also a great outdoor plant that would fit perfectly on a small productive balcony space. 

In small environments it’s best to look for easy-to-care plants. These plants will still have you experiencing the positive benefits of tending to a garden, but won’t leave you with large amounts of space being taken up.

Plants are living things and you need to tend to them to ensure they live and serve their correct purpose. Caring for a plant can give you a sense of responsibility and belonging, which leaves you feeling quite rewarded after it comes to fruition. This whole process is shown to be great for your mental health as you take on responsibility for something that continues to provide you with positive benefits. 




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