Hockey Dad band’s ground breaking performance (literally)

Australian duo Hockey Dad returned to the Corner Hotel on the 22nd of March to promote their ARIA nominated sophomore album Blend Inn. The album debuted at number six on the ARIA Album Charts this year.  This was their 4th show at the Corner Hotel this year out of a completely sold out Australian tour.

Source: @hockeydadband on Instagram

Hockey Dad oozed with energy when they jumped on stage, the strobe lights flashed above the crowd as the guitar chords for My Stride strummed, showcasing their iconic surf rock sound. The crowd was rowdy, drinks were sprayed in the air, heads were banging and one man even opted to crowd surf, getting tossed around in the air like a ball. The vibe was enthusiastic and Hockey Dad reciprocated their audience’s energy by being equally wild. 

Earlier that week at their matinee performance in Brisbane, the show had to be postponed due to “unforeseen structural issues at the venue,” fans were moshing so hard that the floor almost broke. Drummer of the band Billy Fleming said “we love seeing our crowds lose their minds and have heaps of fun at shows, but their safety will forever be our utmost concern. I’m so glad…everyone was safe in the end.” At the Corner Hotel show, the floor was shaking with the crowd, luckily no one was injured, except possibly that guy that was crowd surfing. 

The packed Corner Hotel gig was no disappointment to fans. Tom, 19, said he “preferred to see them live” because the atmosphere of the show is electric. They ended with their most popular song, a love ballad titled Seaweed, a homophone for the catchy chorus of a repeated phrase “be with me.” 

Thematically, Hockey Dad said “the album reflects on the tribulations of young adulthood, social anxiety and self-identity in the face of societal expectations.” The band jammed real emotion into their show, performing slower songs such as Danny whilst asking the crowd to “sit down if they want to” during the song, creating a sense of togetherness amongst patrons.

This was the second time I’d seen Hockey Dad live and they certainly get better with time. The crowd was incredibly receptive and their performance felt confident and well rehearsed compared to two years ago. It seems Hockey Dad have truly found their place in the Australian music industry, sealing themselves as a band to watch out for. 


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