Groovin’ the Moo Festival 2018 Gallery + Review


Another year, another Groovin’ the Moo festival done and dusted, literally. The air was filled with dust from the thousands of patrons rushing to get to each stage. The crowds were larger than ever before, cramped together like sardines in a can. The audiences were jumping up and down as high as their bodies would carry them for sought after international acts such as Duke Dumont and Royal Blood. Patrons also took a trip down memory lane with Australian legend Paul Kelly and ended the night with either Flight Facilities or Ball Park Music, two acts that were difficult to choose between.

Prince of Wales Showgrounds Bendigo, source:

Vera Blue drew in a large crowd early in the day, flooding the ‘Moolin Rouge’ stage to the brim. The spectators were hyped up for her power ballad Lady Powers, a tribute to all the women out there. Girls were on shoulders rocking out to her tunes, especially Regular Touch which reinforces that women don’t need men for their own happiness, they only need themselves. Vera Blue’s vocal range is extraordinary and captured the audience from start to finish. 

Vera Blue, source: @verabluemusic on Instagram

Young emerging Australian artist Dean Lewis skyrocketed to fame last year following the release of his track Waves. The singer hasn’t even dropped an album yet and his set was packed full of people singing along to his romantic songs. His acoustic performances created intimacy between himself and the audience. Yet, there was also an air of intensity to lyrics such as “there is a light in the dark and I feel its warmth in my hands and my heart, why can’t I hold on?” Dean Lewis’s voice connects with his listeners emotionally. The world is his oyster.

Dean Lewis, source: @deanlewismusic on Instagram

Duke Dumont had a monumental set, his unique and infectious vocal lines filled the air. His songs are so catchy that the whole crowd was singing along to every word of hits such as, Ocean Drive and Need U. The atmosphere was electric, with arms immediately thrown in the air from his opening track, right until the end. Hands remained in the air while patrons clapped simultaneously along with the pop beats of his tracks, creating a nostalgic feeling of endless summer nights. 

Duke Dumont Set, source:

Paul Kelly drew in a crowd of millennials who were singing along to every track their parents probably played on repeat when they were younger. His classic anthems, To Her Door, Before Too Long and From Little Things Big Things Grow were loved by the cross-generational crowd.  

Paul Kelly, source:

Flight Facilities were back this year. Their last set in 2015 saw them close the festival and this year was no different. They played all their classic tunes such as SunshineStand Still and their latest song Need You, bringing out young talent Grace Pitts on vocals. Her energy and crowd surfing attempt were highlights of the set. As one of the final acts of the night, the crowd were weary and quite frankly ready for bed, however Flight Facilities (dressed as pilots) lifted them up and took them on an unforgettable ride. 

Flight Facilities, source: Pedestrian TV

Groovin’ the Moo remains a staple Australian Festival, combining intense international rock bands such as Royal Blood with mellow local talents such as Dean Lewis. It is an event that caters for all music genre fans. However, as it gets more popular each year, it becomes overcrowded and by the end of the night the field is scattered with thousands of empty drink cans. The chilling temperatures in Bendigo at night somehow don’t deter the high energy of the crowd. Groovin’ the Moo brings people from all over Victoria to support one great reason: live music. 



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