New Technology to Catch Drivers on Phones


Millennials are notorious for their obsession with mobile phones. The majority of people are guilty of checking their devices while driving and the consequences can be fatal.

The Victorian road laws are stricter for red and green P platers compared to full licence drivers. Even on hands free mode, P plate drivers are not allowed to use their phones. 

In a survey conducted through social media, 84% of people said they have used their phones while driving, 55% said they check their phone at a red light and 91% have pressed a button on their phone to change a song. 

19 year old Casey Drummond said “I am guilty of checking my phone while driving, if I hear a text message I will open my phone up and read it.”


This year new technology will be put into place to catch drivers on their phones even when they try to hide it. Drivers will not see the cameras nor will they realise when they have been caught. Even if the phone is simply sitting in their lap they can be fined. 

The new system has been tested in NSW and caught 750 drivers in just six hours on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Alex McCredie, the project manager for ‘One Task’ who are creating the camera technology told “we want a situation where people don’t know where the cameras are. If the driver has their hands on the wheel and nothing in their lap they are excluded” he says.

The NSW Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey told that “from 2012 to 2017, 184 crashes involved illegal mobile phone use and those crashes resulted in seven deaths and 105 injuries.”

The total fine for using a mobile phone while driving is $387 and three demerit points, a price most young drivers cannot afford to pay. 

Source: Herald Sun

Hopefully this new technology will encourage drivers to leave their phones alone while behind the wheel. This initiative will make roads safer and cause drivers to think before they touch their phones. 



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