Trust Your Instinct And Watch Instinct


The new American drama series ‘Instinct’ is here.

Based on the best selling novel “Murder Games” (part four of a five part mystery series) by James Patterson, the series is similar to that of ‘Castle’, in which a smart and charming author is reeled into the world of crime in search of a killer who has taken a liking to their book. 

Source: CBS

“He’s sort of a fuddy duddy professor, a bit of a dandy, he is kind of a former spy, he drives a motorbike, he’s gay, there are so many different layers”, actor Alan Cumming, told the Sydney Morning Herald concerning his character role.  

With 57 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.4/10 on IMDb could it be a flop or is it actually an amazing show that has been rated poorly by few who understand its genius? 

But like always, we can’t let a great work of fiction be dragged down by its media adaptation no matter how different it may be. Remember – the words “based on” mean there is room for fluidity and that it doesn’t always go by the book. 

With Alan Cumming coming out back to our screens after his performance in ‘The Good Wife’ and Whoopi Goldberg rocking her dreadlocks, Instinct is on Channel 10 in Australia.




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