Riverdale: Season 2 finale quick recap


Season 2 of the teen drama Riverdale comes to a close in episode ‘Brave New World’, as Archie and his friends try to restore peace in the town that seems to always be plagued by a darkness.

The opening scene that proclaims that Jughead is dead is just a dream sequence that definitely would have caused a stir for fans. But the Serpent writer is indeed ok and recovering in hospital after his bashing, accompanied by FP Jones who is the bearer of bad news that their gang The Serpents no longer exist anymore. This is because their rival gang the Ghoulies outnumbered them in a war that was orchestrated by Hiram Lodge. 

The Black Hood could not just be forgotten about, so producers show that Hal is locked up and still plaguing Alice and Betty mentally from behind bars. His inner darkness of killing sinners left a bad mark on the Cooper family name, which the women struggle to come to terms with. It is also bought to Archie’s attention that the second “copycat” Black Hood was indeed Tallboy, hired by Hiram to shoot at his own wife at the electoral campaign and shoot Fred Andrews – again. Although Sheriff Manetta explains Tallboy was gunned down and killed by the Sheriff Department after putting up a fight.

There has never been quite a time where the Northside and Southside have come together, but in this episode we see both parties advocating for The Serpents to be allowed to continue studying at Riverdale High School. This all falls back onto Hiram, who Veronica fights against as she now knows he is just a self fulfilling corrupt mobster, and so she buys the White Wyrm – the only place on the South Side Hiram does not own. Although this is all just a ploy for Veronica to get Hiram to trade her Pops Choc’lit Shoppe for the White Wyrm.

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FP retires his position as leader, so Jughead becomes the new “Serpent King” and displays his dominance by initiating Cheryl Blossom into The Serpents, who had just become emancipated from her mother Penelope.

Hermione Lodge wins the election against Fred Andrews and shows up to Fred’s door to congratulate him on his candidacy. Meanwhile during Fred and Hermione’s genuine understanding, Archie sneaks out to confront Hiram and announces he is going to “make my bones” by bringing down the mobster once and for all. Due to confronting Hiram and planning to take him down, Archie becomes his latest target – his own daughter’s boyfriend. 

The only enemies we see rallied together are Claudius Blossom, Penelope Blossom, Sheriff Manetta, Penny and Malachi leader of the Ghoulies, who are following orders from Hiram Lodge to take over the town and elicit the illegal selling and dealing of drugs.

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In the last scene we see all the Northside and Southside students together at Riverdale High celebrating the new student body president Archie. However the happiness is shortlived, as  shortly after Archie gets framed for the murder of Cassidy Bullock- the guy that tried to rob Veronica, and gets arrested in front of the school and a smiling Hiram. 

It has not yet been announced when Season 3 will come to air but hopefully some time later this year.




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