Aussielent – the modern supplementary ‘supermeal’


Aussielent is a powdered supermeal saving time, energy and money for the constantly busy, and is not just for people stocking their Doomsday bunkers.  Basically it is a nutritional replacement meal that aims to encourage a sustainable environment from producing less waste, and also minimise the hassle from having to make food.

The company have complied with the Food Standards for Australia and New Zealand, to ensure that all the right nutrients including protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals are included for a healthy diet. Aussielent is not for the purpose of gaining muscle, but simply for people that do not have time to make meals each day, and it is helping to save our planet as all packaging is fully recyclable.

Aussielent can be stored for up to 12 months and comes in two forms – a pre-mixed liquid and a powder that you can easily mix with water, it is also includes the two flavours vanilla and chocolate. There is also a vegan option.

Source Deanna Savoia – Chocolate flavoured Aussielent

I took it upon myself to try the ready to drink chocolate flavoured Aussielent, rather than have breakfast. I ordered the $5 drink on the 16th of May and it promptly arrived on the 17th of May as the warehouse is located in Melbourne. Upon my first sip at 10am I was quite surprised, the drink has a very strong soy taste and is similar to a weakened version of a chocolate UP & GO. Unless you are a big soy lover, it got a little hard to drink the 450mL bottle subsequently as the flavour is so strong. Although, I was sustained from eating until the late afternoon minus an apple that was merely a distraction when I studied. I probably would not be able to live off the liquid and the taste, but only as an occasional meal replacement.

Source Chris-Rachael Oseland via Kitchen Overload

Don’t be fooled by the science-fiction thriller Soylent Green (1973) that tells the story of a future with limited food sources due to environmental issues. It was so life threatening that in the film humans had to survive on Soylent Green – a wafer that was originally made out of the protein from plankton. However, when the plankton started to run out the company had to find another source – ground up human remains.

All ingredients for Aussielent are clearly stated on the packaging and the website.

Source Amazon

There are similar companies that were created before Aussielent such as Huel in the UK, which only costs about 1 pound 60 pence for a meal (or 2.90 AUD). Not only is Huel meant for healthy living and for the environment as it produces zero food waste, but for its affordability.

Melissa, 26, an Australian accountant living in London has recently been substituting meals for Huel.

“I feel like my diet is more balanced and I am eating less bad food during the day. I don’t feel so bloated when I use it as a replacement for lunch. It’s also a lot easier to monitor my calorie and nutrition intake and stops me from skipping lunch when I am really busy. I save so much money too. I also feel like I am doing my bit for the environment by encouraging sustainability” said Melissa.

This new crazy revolution of replacement meals is starting to be sold in many countries over the world. So for people that don’t have the time to make their lunch everyday or afford to buy takeaway dinner every Friday night, this is an alternative that you could possibly try. Or, if you feel that the end of the world is  nigh, you can stock up your basement.

You can check out the pricing options for Aussielent here.



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