DSPORT PODCAST: Sport Injuries – Beyond Just the Physical Impact

Australia has the highest rate of knee reconstruction in the world, and younger men and women dominate the injury statistics.
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common sport-related injuries in Australia and, according to Beyond Blue, one in 10 serious sports injuries occur during play or training. About two-thirds of those hospitalised under the age of 35.
Someone who knows all too well about sport injuries is 20-year-old Madi Dangerfield who tore her ACL not once but twice, all in the space of 15 months.
While injuries can take their physical toll, they also put a great strain on the mental health of an athlete.
I recently sat down with the ex-netballer to gain a personal insight into the impact of her sport-related ACL injuries.

Have a listen to the podcast below.

Artwork by Natalee Kerr.


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