Bonds’ new ‘Queendom’ campaign just usurped the patriarchy


Bonds just launched its latest campaign ‘Join The Queendom’  in an effort to reshape how society understands gender roles, femininity and ideas of beauty. Known best for its traditionally tongue-in-cheek style marketing, this campaign is no different. Introducing its first-female only collection, the Aussie brand says it wanted to empower young girls and women to feel comfortable in their own skin, warts and all.

Head of marketing, Emily Small told advertising magazine Campaign Brief, “This range was made for young women and so we were excited to make some content that spoke to them. The brief was to create a space where confidence rules, without losing our Bonds sense of humour.”

The central characters are unrefined and unapologetic. Led by indigenous model Zhoe Trotter, there’s armpit hair, mosquitos and milk moustaches. Amongst them are appropriately dubbed “Check out chick”, “Blade Strutter”, “Lumber Jane”, “Hunts(wo)man”, “The Nut Cracker” and of course, “Thelma”, the very real Huntsman.

Image: Campaign Brief

It follows the journey of Trotter who is slicing and slashing her way through the bushland to find her own diverse community of women who emit strength and confidence in their bodies. Chopping wood, squishing bugs and cracking nuts with their bare fists, the campaign works to set a positive example for young girls who dangle in limbo between child and womanhood, trying to come to terms with the bodily changes they may be experiencing.

Image: Campaign Brief

The campaign was the brainchild of creative agency Leo Burnett Melbourne and fashion director Gracie Otto of Ralf Films, who was behind many successful fashion campaigns including Maybelline’s 2017 campaign featuring American supermodel Gigi Hadid. Otto is well celebrated in the fashion filmmaking industry and has been directing for a decade, boasting award-winning short films including Seamstress, La Meme Nuit, Tango Trois, Broken Beat and Kill Blondes. 

Holly Burgess, a copywriter at Leo Burnett, told Campaign Brief, “The Queendom, a sassy twist on the traditional Kingdom, felt really natural. We were keen to throw a few stereotypes out the window and have a bit of fun with it in the process.”

Many have since taken to social media to respond to the campaign, including actor Russell Crowe who shared it with his Twitter followers.

Image from Twitter

Others shared how relieved they were to see a body positive campaign, and how disappointed they are that there aren’t many others.

Image from Twitter
Image from Twitter
Image from Twitter

Bonds says it’s part of the Bonds Original collection and was designed to be comfortable and functional. It’s a far stretch from the current paradigm of young girls and women’s intimates that offer either hyper-sexualised, padding enhanced, tiny lace shapes, or “natural” coloured, seamless sheets of fabric that promise their comfort will give you “confidence”.

Shot in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, the campaign is a homage to our Australian landscape and the natural beauty of the women who inhabit our nation, no matter their size, shape or colour. The pieces are all made from Australian farmed cotton, offered in a variety of colours, cuts and styles.

The film is a part of a larger social campaign featuring shorter excerpts of content and interviews that coincides with an in-store and online fundraising event for the REACH Foundation that supports life-changing workshops for young girls.

View the full campaign here.




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