Men’s rights protest takes place amid counter rally


A men’s rights protest took place in Federation Square Saturday, with a counter march taking place just few hundred metres away.

March for Men‘ was organised with the purpose to “show men in our lives that they matter and their issues matter”. It was hosted by former Melbourne University journalism graduate and YouTuber Sydney Watson.

A counter-protest was held in respond to the march, led by the National Union of Students Women’s Department and Campaign Against Racist and Fascism.

Protesters against March for Men rallying together. Image: Bilian Loi

While both sides aimed to have peaceful protests, Victoria Police confirmed that 2 participants were arrested for carrying knives.

There are no official figures, but close to 700 people on Facebook said they would attend ‘March for Men’ and around 500 clicked attending for the counter-march.

A 25-year-old from Murrumbeena was arrested for wilful damage while a 33-year-old from Ringwood was arrested for riotous behaviour. Another man was released after surrendering a box cutter, reported the Herald Sun.

The police department deployed more than 150 officers from the Critical Incident Response Team, mounted wing and regular uniformed police teams. Searches were also conducted on on around 270 participants. 



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