The Walk for Parkinson’s

Family participants (Photo: Ceci Mak)

‘A Walk in the Park’ is a fundraising event dedicated to supporting those who have Parkinson’s disease. It aims to help them lead substantial and active lives.

The 10th anniversary fundraising event was held in Federation Square on Sunday August 26.

Supporters and people living with Parkinson (Photo: Ceci Mak)

Funds raised by Parkinson’s Victoria will be used to support research on the debilitating disease. This will hopefully improve the life quality of patients and will help them with better treatment.

Sonya Kennedy, A Walk in the Park marketing and fundraising manager, says, “Many people with Parkinson’s often feel isolated because of their condition and this is the opportunity for everyone to gather together so they feel that they are not alone. The focus for this walk is Melbourne but we have got nine regional walks around Victoria.”

Participants in the walk (Photo: Ceci Mak)

The financial cost of Parkinson’s increases every year. It was more than $9.9 billion in 2014 and is estimated to be approximately $12.3 billion in 2018.

“The fund is used to support people with Parkinson’s, so we have an information line, we have education and we have a peer support group network. So it means that everyone with Parkinson’s can get support in the way that they need it.”

Parkinson’s Victoria hoped to raise $275,000 this year.

The Walk in the Park raised $283,462, topping Parkinson’s Victoria’s target of $275,000 this year. 

The fundraising will end on Friday September 21 and Sonya Kennedy says all proceeds will go towards assisting Parkinson’s patients in Victoria.

A walk in the park 2018 (Photo source: Ceci Mak)

What is Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s Source: Physiopedia

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic neurological degenerative disorder that mainly affects a person’s control of their body movements. It is not a fatal disease and has been thought to be an inherited condition.

It is caused by progressively degenerating neurotrasmitters, which affects controlled movements in the body.

People older than 60 have a higher risk of Parkinson’s and the expectancy prognosis is around 10 years. An estimated seven to ten million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’ disease.

Parkinson’s Victoria estimates there are 81,000 people living with Parkinson in Australia. 

However, there may be more than 110,000 people living with Parkinson in Australia. In 2018, there will be 13,500 new cases, as 37 new cases are diagnosed every day on average.

The cause of Parkinson’s disease is still not determined and researchers worldwide are studying possible causes, which could include chemicals, genetic factors and head injuries.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

The condition, quantity, type and progression of Parkinson’s disease symptoms are different. Some of the common symptoms are:



Slowness of movement

Inconvenience in walking


Sleep difficulties

Desensitised sense of smell


People with Parkinson’s disease movement (Photo Source from Stuff)

Medication and deep brain stimulation surgery can mitigate Parkinson’s disease symptoms and regular exercise also improve the symptoms.

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