Film review: Mission: Impossible – Fallout



Tom Cruise reprises his iconic role as Ethan Hunt in the new instalment of the Mission: Impossible film series. Being the sixth movie in a franchise spanning 22 years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this just might be one too many, possibly stretching the storyline beyond its limits. But Mission: Impossible 6 is far from being a sad reminder of a great original. Many consider it the best yet and wanting a seventh.

In an act of terrorism, anarchist group The Apostles set a blackmail attempt to force the release of Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), captured by Hunt in the previous MI, Rogue Nation. Threatening to blow up the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca with plutonium, The Apostles are willing to trade the explosives for Lane.

Once more Hunt, under manic duress and seemingly with all odds against him, must do the impossible. To defeat the bad guys Hunt will once again need the help of his trusted, colourful crew and, on this occasion, new to the team CIA Agent Walker played by Henry Cavill. In a role a far cry from his Man of Steel character, Cavill proves to be a source of irritation to Hunt and has a few surprises for the audience.

True to form, Hunt and team deliver on the mission. But the film delivers more than that. The audience has another chance to marvel at Cruise, now 56 years old, still performing his own death-defying stunts. Cruise rides motorcycles, flies helicopters and engages in beautifully choreographed fight sequences.

Knowing Cruise is risking his life for our entertainment adds that special thrill from knowing that what you are watching is real and not fake. With a special blend of plot, pacing and performance, this film is likely to leave a lasting impression and is rightfully considered the best in the series.

Rating: M

Duration: 2h 27min



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