Gym Upgrade a Hit with University Students


Deakin University’s latest renovations of its on-campus gyms has attracted a record-high number of members.

According to recent data, student gym memberships at DeakinACTIVE in Waurn Ponds have increased by 45 per cent in comparison to last year.  

DeakinACTIVE’s venue manager Sam Weston says the upgrade of facilities has received an overwhelming positive response.

“We have nearly doubled the number of active students here at Waurn Ponds and Burwood’s had a major increase in the level of involvement as well,” he told Dscribe.

Deakin had major upgrades to its fitness facilities at the start of the year.

University students are an at-risk group for many health issues, including lack of exercise with physical activity below recommended levels in a large percentage of students.

DeakinACTIVE aims to provide a new coordinated and comprehensive approach to promoting health and well-being for students.

With the launch of the program at the start of the year, Deakin’s fitness centres received a number of upgrades and reconfigured layouts to help maximise campus fitness facilities.

“By offering virtual classes, an expanded group fitness class timetable and new modern equipment with more fluid movement, we’ve provided more fitness options for students,” Mr Weston said.

Check out this short video of Deakin Waurn Ponds’ new gym facilities.

Reports show young adulthood is characterized by a decline in the level of physical activity, with students becoming less active during tertiary education in comparison to when they were in secondary education.

Nursing student Tess Houghton says campus facilities are a great motivation for university students to improve their fitness.

“It’s an easy and accessible way to stay on top of your health and fitness. With a gym right there it makes getting exercise into your routine so much more convenient and enjoyable,” she told Dscribe.

“Campus gym facilities gives students a chance to fit in a workout or program in-between classes without having to rush to another local gym nearby.”

Student memberships have signifcantly increased this year.

While physical activity has a range of both physical and mental health benefits, international research also shows that students who work out at campus gyms achieve better grades.

Mr Weston says fitness centres and sport facilities are an important part of the university setting.

“The University wants their students to be in the best condition to make their studies as easy as possible. Providing easy access to equipment helps students keep fit both mentally and physically,” he said.

Research shows that students who worked out at least three days a week were more likely to experience a better state of physical health and happiness compared to those who don’t.

Teaching student Ben Polotzek says students should see exercise as a great addition to their lifestyle.

“For me, working out is a great stress reliever away from study and a release from all the day-to-day pressures that come with being a student,” he told Dscribe.

DeakinACTIVE is currently offering student memberships with unlimited gym access from $14 a week with no lock in contracts.



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