Inside a rabbit show

More than 50 rabbits descended on Geelong’s Guide Hall for the Regional Geelong Rabbit Fancier’s second show of the year. 

Photo: Olivia Reed

Rabbit owners flocked from across south-west Victoria in the hope that their prized rabbit would be crowned champion. 

Regional Geelong Rabbit Fanciers judge James Wilson said he fell in love with rabbits after buying one from online selling site Gumtree and now has 30 rabbits.

“I spend about two hours every day in the rabbit shed, feeding cleaning and those sort of things,” he said. 

“All mine live on wood shavings, so once a week I’ll take the rabbit out of the cage and clean the whole thing out, but all mine are kitty litter trained.

“I give them hay in the morning and then a pellet mix in the afternoon.”

Watch the following video to see how Mr Wilson judges a rabbit. 

Photo: Olivia Reed
Photo: Olivia Reed
Photo: Olivia Reed
Photo: Olivia Reed


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