Spring exclusive market at Queen Victoria Market: Hawker 88 Night Market


If you missed out Queen Victoria Winter Night Market, don’t worry, Queen Victoria Market decided to open the Spring Exclusive Night Market this year and name it Hawker 88 Night Market.

It’s open the same hours as the Queen Victoria Night Market, open every Wednesday night from 5pm-10pm from 19 September to 24 October.

Using the name Hawker, it is a hawker stall route and sells Asian-themed food. Eighty-eight is the luckiest number in Chinese culture, the market has 88 lanterns hung from the sheds, creating an intimate and colourful canopy.

Victoria Market has introduced more than 20 famous Asian food among Melbourne into Hawker 88 Night Market. Such as Indian curries, Philippine barbecue, Malay satay, Korean pork belly and Japanese fried chickens could be found in the market. Anticipate you can try all Asian street foods.

Victoria Market has planned cultural performances and programs every Wednesday night. It is including K-pop Dancing, eating competitions, noodles chief, traditional Chinese lion, Bollywood dancers, Malaysian bands, Filipino singers, karaoke, celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival and Durian festival.

Parking at Victoria Market costs a flat rate of $15 on event day. Also, you can catch public transport go to Victoria Market.

Let me introduce the Asian food at Hawker 88 Night Market.




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