Behind the scenes: How it feels to be in a play

There is a stereotype of the common theatre person. People automatically think they are overly dramatic, vain and plain annoying. 

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But as with any stereotype, it’s time to nip this one in the butt. I’m going to give you my own perspective of what it’s like to be in a theatre production while also in my final year of university. I’m going to give you a little window into the theatrical soul.

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It’s interesting to see who you will meet when you audition for a show. Who’s going for the same role? Who will be on the casting panel? Are you good enough? But most of all you focus on how you are going to give it your all. When you’re waiting to be called up, the thoughts fly through your head and make your heart beat with the speed of a humming bird’s wings. Trust me on this. 

And why do we go through this tormenting process? Because it’s an opportunity to be part of something amazing, something we are proud to create. 

Auditions are one thing. Getting in is another. But rehearsal is a whole different game. You have to find how you work, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you can bring to enhance the role and your whole cast dynamic. You meet people who have the same passion for the arts as you do and you know that if you trust them, they’ll put in everything they have. But let’s not get sappy here. You have to be ready to go outside your comfort zone. 

Most of all, you have to love it. Otherwise, what’s the point? 

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There’s theatre and everything it encompasses: the theatre space and the creative dynamics. Then within that, there are theatre people who have their separate university courses and interests: you have your teachers, your journalists, your nurses, your writers, your lawyers, all bringing unique personalities and crafts to one common space. Putting them in the same category just doesn’t make sense. There is nothing generic about this group of people. 

To act with all your heart is hard work, as is everything that you dedicate time to and want to do your best in. Theatre people have determination, they have passion and a willingness to dedicate themselves to their role. They have resilience.  

I’m not glorifying myself for doing theatre, nor am I saying actors are better than anyone else in the amount of effort they put in. But what I am saying is that they are more than they seem. 

Right now I’m going to admit to you that I’m in a state. A state of WHY DID I CHOOSE TO DO A PLAY THAT IS SHOWING IN MY FINAL WEEK OF UNIVERSITY? Surrounded by feelings of stress, on stress, on stress, and the realisation that assignments are due left, right and centre, even though I tried my best to get the majority of them done. 

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But even though i’m scared of what’s to come and have a serious case of the shakes, I don’t regret doing something I love and seeing where it will take me. 




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