Review: Marvel’s first super-heroine


The buzz surrounding the release of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest superhero action film, Captain Marvel, has been electric in the online sphere. Fans have waited until 2019 for MCU’s first film with a female-lead role and Marvel is a bit behind the times – DC had Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in 2017. But the wait has been worth it. Anna Boden and Adam Fleck direct Captain Marvel and it’s an important contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe experience as they explore the origin story of Carol Danvers during an extra-terrestrial conflict.  

Brie Larson stars as Danvers, an air-force pilot later coined Captain Marvel; a strange dichotomy embracing feminine girl power alongside MCU’s “most powerful superhero”, according to the Marvel president Kevin Feige. It’s a murky origin story at first, leading to a charming puzzle to make sense of her upcoming appearance in Avengers: Endgame.

While the story largely centres around Danvers, it also acts as a prelude to Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson – a younger espionage agent with adorable naivety and pre-eye patch. The director’s play Fury off as the comic relief, but the movie theatre seemed more humoured by Danvers’ cat, Goose, and Stan Lee’s penultimate posthumous appearance.

Overlaying tunes from the likes of TLC and No Doubt bring the 90’s vibes as an entertaining homage, emphasising the feministic tone – the movie theatre audience laughs as Danvers fights a man while I’m Just a Girl plays.  

Boden recalled to ESPN the importance of having females behind the camera as Danvers is a woman trying to find her voice, and when she does she is quite literally undefeatable – a narrative that showcases vulnerability and resilience. Boden and Fleck have succeeded in representing diversity, creating a film of entertainment and cultural value.

Much like the incineration of half the population in Infinity War, MCU delivered a shocking and heartfelt ending proving it is still ahead of the superhero blockbuster game. My advice for moviegoers; don’t be a Marvel amateur, stay for the end credits. This one will have you reeling for Endgame.



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