Review: Lego Movie 2


I was so hooked on this movie that when the seven-year-old I went with wanted to leave because she was feeling sick, I was devastated.

Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is on par with its prequel in all measures. Plot, music and jokes. And even the high energy that had kids bouncing around in their seats. The all-ages film also keeps adults entertained with lots of references to past and present pop culture.

The movie works well to balance the elements and be enjoyable for everyone.

I was sitting in my seat, laughing to the not-so-subtle references, but the seven-year-old I was with didn’t see those jokes. Instead, she was dancing along to all the songs throughout the movie (despite saying she felt “sick”). I was less enthusiastic about the songs. They were good, but so bad at the same time. Think back to the song Everything is Awesome from the first Lego movie. It’s so insanely catchy that it becomes irritating. Lego Movie 2: The Second Part was able to capture this essence perfectly yet again.

“They’re my favourite music [sic],” my seven-year-old companion said.

The film was able to make the various viewpoints of different characters work harmoniously, which is what created the film’s suspense – which character was telling the truth and which story line was the red herring? Was the kidnapper Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi who gave off menacing vibes yet sang how she was “unmalicious”, actually telling the truth or was she lying? It was a hard judgement.

There was one downside though. As a result of the seemingly never-ending references, I could draw conclusions on what was going to happen next. I saw the big plot twist coming. But the seven-year-old sitting next to me didn’t, she was surprised at the betrayal.

Overall, everything was awesome. Kids will love the film on a different level to adults, who will enjoy the references. I’d suggest not take a child with you though, because they’ll say they feel sick and you’ll be ripped away from the screen at a critical moment for a toilet break. Four times.



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