Top 3 weird drinks combination you should never skip


If you have never tried any of these drinks, you have been living your life wrong. Here are the top three unusual drink combination that will blow your mind. 

  1. C H E E S E  T E A 
Cheese Tea. Photo: Supplied by AFAR

Who doesn’t love cheese? A creamy and salty texture that brings back childhood memories. Surprisingly, cheese foam and tea make an amazing combination. Cheese foam has a sweet and salty flavour, while tea gives a hint of refreshment. Better served cold, this drink is perfect for hot weather during summer. 

2. S O Y  M I L K  T E A  W I T H  O A T S

Oat Milk Tea. Photo: Supplied by Vita Proteins

Replace your boring breakfast with soy milk tea and oats. This vegan-friendly drink is perfect for those who enjoy filling breakfast with low calories. The natural sweetness of oats combined with light soy milk tea leaves a warm and non-guilty feeling.

3. B R O W N  S U G A R  P E A R L  W I T H  F R E S H  M I L K

Brown sugar pearl with fresh milk. Photo: Supplied by steemKR

You might have heard of bubble milk tea (also known as boba tea), but have you ever heard of the brown sugar pearl with fresh milk? The sweetness of warm pearls coated with brown sugar blends perfectly with cold fresh milk to create a creamy and smooth texture. Heaven for the sweet tooth.  

Have you ever tried any of these drinks before? Share your ideas and thoughts on the comment box below!





  1. The cheese tea tasted delicious! Will certainly try the other two coming weekend. Thanks for the tips


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