Roll call, baby: A record amount of young people enrolled to vote

Yesterday, the Australian Electoral Commission announced on Twitter that at 96.8%, a record amount of eligible voters were enrolled to vote in next month’s Federal Election. Particularly notable is the rate of enrolment among young voters (those aged between 18 and 24), which is at an all time high of 88.8%.

Australian citizens voting, published by the Australian Electoral Commission

This rate has gradually been growing ever since the 2016 election where the youth vote was 86.7%. It then grew again in the lead up to the 2017 postal survey on gay marriage, where the youth enrolment rate surged to 88%.

This can be seen to directly relate to the overall number of votes cast, with this gradually increasing overtime from a participation rate of 92% in the 2013 election to 95% in 2016.

These numbers were “for a long a time thought to be unattainable” according to the Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rodgers.



He followed this up by congratulating AEC staff and Australians in general for the hard work that has gone into pushing greater electoral participation.

Such a complete roll is a credit to Australian citizens and to the hard work and careful processes put in place by AEC staff. It is something all Australians can be proud of,” he said.



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