Review: Love, Death & Robots


Not for the faint hearted, Netflix’s newest anthology reveals the beauty of animation like we’ve never seen it before.

Love, Death & Robots is a compilation of 18 episodes of adult animation – all with different plots and styles of animation, thus emitting a Black Mirror-esque vibe to the series.

Although all the episodes have their own individual stories, there does seem to be the recurring themes of the future, technology and the supernatural.

Each episode predicts an element of the future whether it be alien invasions, the death of humankind or the growing intelligence of machines.

So, which are the episodes that stand out?

  • The Witness – Follows the journey of a woman who observes a brutal murder and is being pursued by the killer. This episode has a quirky little twist at the end and is visually pleasing; when a shooting gun goes off the word ‘BANG’ pops up in giant speech bubbles giving the episode a comic-book aesthetic to it. The whole episode blurs and warps in out of focus making it visually unique to all the other episodes in the season.
  • Fish Night – A desert which once used to be a sea comes to life at night with the creatures that once lived there. The vibrant colours of beautiful sea creatures floating around in the sky is a concept that will take your breath away.

    Image: Supplied by Netflix.
  • Zima Blue – The story of infamous artist Zima and his philosophical voyage to find truth and enlightenment after a lifetime of dissatisfaction provides a heartfelt storyline to audiences, accompanied by magnificent visual elements of the cosmos.

Unfortunately though, as with all series that encompass individual plots for each episode, there are bound to be episodes that are hit and some that are miss. Some episodes lacking in depth and a good storyline are The Dump, Alternate Histories and not to mention the terrible excuse for acting in “Ice Age.”

Other criticisms of the show have been that women are often displayed as subjects for sexual objectification and that some of the scenes are much too graphic.

Image: Supplied by Netflix.

Regardless of the mixed reviews, I personally liked seeing just how far animation can go and would like to see the show produce another season with better thought-out storylines.



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