Five tips before you pack up and move to New York

The lure of the City of Dreams calls many Australians. But, before you pack up your life and try to make it in New York, here are five tips to consider first:

New York City. Photograph by: Claire Torrisi

  1. Make sure you have the correct visa.

There are multiple types of visas for the United States; do your research and consider using an immigration attorney.

  1. Have you saved enough money?

Being able to show significant savings is often a visa requirement and the cost of living in New York is high. Aim to save more than you think you need.

South Street Seaport. Photo: Claire Torrisi
  1. Plan your living situation in advance.

While subletting an apartment is often the preferred choice, these can often fall through. Make sure you are somewhere secure, safe and not being overcharged.

Bryant Park. Photo: Claire Torrisi
  1. Be prepared for cultural differences.

From tipping to medical insurance, life in New York can run differently to Australia and the pace and lifestyle of the city will always be an adjustment for newcomers.

  1. Network, adventure and enjoy!
View of the city from Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Claire Torrisi


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