Review: Little Wattlebird Cafe


Nested in a nook of Blackburn Station Village, is the Little Wattlebird Cafe.

The cafe’s surroundings are a gym and gravel car park but the interior reflects a peaceful, warm space with hints of green above and below. With a closer look, the plants were actually fake but that didn’t detract the splash of colour it brought to the place. The tables were a beautiful mahogany timber, that also framed the black leather chairs. 

Although it was a little quiet in the cafe with no music to build an atmosphere, they offered sparkling water on tap for free which took all my worries away. Like most cafes in Melbourne, it had vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. The breakfast menu was all-day which is great for people like me who could have eggs at 3pm. The Mermaid Smoothie Bowl, Chicken Super Salad and Beef Bowl all looked like scrumptious options but I had my eye on one thing only – the avocado. 

It’s always risky going into a cafe assuming the avocado will be smashed. But the waitress actually asked me if I preferred it in any other variation … to which I said no anyway as there is literally no better way to have it on toast (unless it has Vegemite underneath). 

I’m not a coffee drinker so I ordered a Prana chai latte which is arguably the best of the best. None of that ‘chai syrup’ or ‘chai powder’ that the nearest coffee franchise tries to sell you. This chai is literally tea leaves soaked in hot milk to infuse its flavour. And I was not disappointed.  

Hot tip: Order it with soy milk, it tastes better that way.

Price: $5.60


The presentation of the food was cute. Five pickled radish lined the top of the plate with danish feta tucked underneath. A slice of multi-grain sourdough cut into halves was positioned in the centre of the plate with a large smear of avocado covering one side. There were enough avocado to be served on two slices of toast, and I thought it would’ve been more filling if this were the case. 

But, in saying that, the meal was delicious and up there with one of the best avocado breakfast dishes I’ve had. The cilantro yoghurt sauce was the best part of the dish and tasted so good with all the elements. 

Price: $17.50

I would definitely recommend this cafe especially to those who are meeting a large group or have prams, as the restaurant is quite spacious. I’m looking forward to the next time I pop in for a feed.




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