The latest plant-based food app is put to the test


Plant-based food blog Deliciously Ella finally has an app. As a student on a budget, I’m typically eating 2-minute noodles while drooling over the Deliciously Ella instagram by mid-semester. So, when the app came out I was encouraged to change my ways and see how ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ it really is to bring her wholesome dishes to life while saving money and time as promised.

For $1.50 a month the app provides 400 healthy, plant-based recipes.

I attempted to make the baked cauliflower and the double bean chilli.

Photo: Deliciously Ella App
Photo: Jasmin Pedretti
Photo: Deliciously Ella App
Photo: Jasmin Pedretti

As you can see, I failed to reproduce the appealing aesthetic but both dishes certainly pleased the taste-buds and were more filling than 2-minute noodles. I appreciated that they only required a handful of ingredients.

There’s also a handy meal planner to help you organise meals for the week and a shopping list so that the grocery shop requires less thinking. Sadly, the app doesn’t make the meals for you but I did find these features useful.

Podcasts and yoga videos are also featured. The podcasts cover pretty heavy topics like dealing with grief and loss but I found them quite inspiring. I also enjoyed eating almond butter fudge while in the foetal position. 

I found it easy to use. You can search for recipes by ingredient and save the recipes you love in your “favourites list”.

Of course, it has competition. Similar app, One Green Planet is free and has a group discussion page that allows you to share tips with others. Oh She Glows costs $3.99 a month and includes the recipe’s nutritional information and a notes section that allows you to personalise recipes. Still, Ella’s app has far more recipes than both and is cheaper than Oh She Glows.

Much to the displeasure of Android users and Americans, the app is only available for Apple and the measurements are in the metric form so grams need to be converted into ounces manually.


So, is it worth paying for? You can access Ella’s recipes on her website for free, however the app is constantly updated with new recipes and there’s the added convenience of the weekly meal planner. Since her cookbook is $45 and the average yoga class is $50, $1.50 a month is quite frankly a steal. 

Therefore, yes I believe it’s worth it. Thankfully, the only noodles I’ll be making this semester are ‘Miso Mushroom Coconut Noodles’.



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