Not a lost cause: Blues event saved


We all get the blues sometimes, but Linda Eldridge and Melinda Traves from Playin’ for a Cause, are putting them to good use.

After finding out that the “Blues for Lost Souls” charity concert would no longer be running after six consecutive years, Linda and Melinda stepped in to make sure that money would still be raised to help homeless support services organisation, Anonymous X.

The two women had both previously helped run the event alongside founder, Greg Dodd, and naturally wanted to carry on the tradition.

“Linda was so passionate about it that she said ‘I’m going to do one’, and I said, ‘well I’m going to help you’,” said Melinda.

When asked what sets the blues genre apart from other music, Melinda said:
“It is the most heartfelt, and the people who tend to gravitate to that are very warm, very open, very caring … so it’s no surprise when they all come together and say ‘you know what? Let’s do this’.”

Blues musician, Lloyd Spiegel, is performing at the event on the August 3 and has been trying to play at the fundraiser for years.

Genine Thornton at the Anonymous X Warehouse with some volunteers

“Each year I’ve been overseas or in Queensland playing a festival, but I’ve never been able to perform at those fundraisers, so this year I put my hand up early and said I want to be part of it,” he said.

Lloyd has been involved in many causes supporting those in poverty and said, by holding a blues event, it reminds everyone that “this is a music that was born in poverty and so it’s really important that we pay respects to that tradition and continue to make music for those people”.

“It feels good that we can help and give back to a real part of the blues movement,” he said.

Co-founder of Anonymous X, Genine Thornton, was also pleased to hear that the annual event would still be running, as the funds raised pay for about five months’ rent on the warehouse the group uses to collect, store and distribute donations.

“I have to say I don’t think we’d still be running for this long if it wasn’t for Blues for Lost Souls, because every year they have played a major role in helping us and when you’re self funded, that kind of support is important. It’s amazing that Melinda and Linda have decided to keep the spirit alive,” she said.

Playin’ for a Cause will be held on August 3 at the Newport Bowls Club.

You can find out more about the event and buy tickets by clicking here.



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