Chatting with a vegan: rebuttals to common excuses for not being vegan


“Can I get an almond milk Mork hot chocolate and a black bean, activated charcoal, cashew cheese and kale burger?” – it’s not weird to hear that in a Melbourne coffee shop anymore.

You either know a vegan or you are a vegan, that’s how popular this plant-based diet and lifestyle has become. Aside from the health benefits such as lower risks of heart disease, the lifestyle is also purports to help fight climate change, and (more obviously) lessen the harm we do to animals.

Sounds perfect, right? Wrong. There are still many, many reasons people hold back from making the change. These reasons range from worries you will not get enough nutrients, to simply loving the omnivore life too much. 

D*scribe sat down with a proud vegan, Harisa Haveric, to analyse these reasons. 




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