Melbourne’s best Mid-autumn Festival mooncakes

Moon Festival, aka Mid-autumn Festival, is the East Asian harvest festival which is celebrated mostly by Vietnamese and Chinese. It occurs on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. 

Mooncakes are the Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the festival. To celebrate Moon Festival, families and friends exchange gifts of mooncakes and teas.

An extensive range of mooncakes can be found to satisfy all tastes. Let’s discover the top three that you can buy in Melbourne to treat yourself.

1. Lava custard mooncake.

Lava custard mooncakes are one of the most popular mooncakes in Hong Kong. Photo taken by Nancy Ta

The mooncake is traditionally made in Hong Kong, home to a variety of tasty mooncakes. Its main ingredients include French butter, coconut cream, whipping cream and supreme salted egg yolk. 

It is designed to have a smooth, golden filling flow out when cut in half without being heated up. Also, the fragrant savoury flavour from the molten egg yolk centre offers eaters a new level of aroma.

One tip is to heat it in the microwave for 5 seconds before eating to ensure the best experience.

2. Snowy mooncake.

Snowy mooncakes are tasty and flavoursome for people with sweet tooth. Photo supplied by Wikimedia.

Snowy mooncake is unlike others because it is refrigerated. It is the non-baked mooncake originated and developed by Hongkongers to minimise the high level of sugar and oil in traditional mooncakes.

The mooncake, similar to mochi ice cream, has the crust of glutinous rice and is filled with different flavours. The series of snowy mooncakes with chocolate, durian, pomelo, mango or fresh fruits promise not to disappoint people with a sweet tooth for delightful Mid-autumn treats.




3. Traditional mooncake.

Traditional mooncake contains one or two egg yolks in the centre symbolising the moon. Photo supplied by Wikimedia

Most mooncakes consist of the thick, rich fillings of lotus seed bean, red bean or mung bean surrounded by a thin pastry skin with one or two salted duck egg yolks in the centre symbolising the full moon.

The traditional mooncakes are easily found in Melbourne at Asian stores because they are the original and most popular mooncakes. They are best to serve with tea.

Have you ever tried these mooncakes? Share with me your favourite list.





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