REVIEW: Country Football Grand Final


Let’s talk about country football.

If you enjoy seeing communities come together.

Boys and girls of all ages putting it on the line. $5 beers.

Country footy and netball is affordable, exciting and has something for almost everyone.

All season, players commit to their team; pre-seasons, weekly training sessions, rain hail or shine.

Game days – every Saturday, they battle it out. But what for?

That one day in September. Fighting for glory, to write their names in the record books.(Okay so maybe for their health, friends and community too).

In the West Gippsland league, Phillip Island did it – no less than three times last weekend.

A record in the league, and a tribute to their near-famous senior coach Beau Vernon.

“Embrace the suck,” is Beau’s phrase, and it’s a mural inside the Island’s changerooms.

Whatever it means, it served them well.

There were battles in the netball too.

Dalyston outmuscled in the B-Grade by Tooradin.

And then the torture, with the same result in A-Grade.

In the reserves footy, Tooradin-Dalmore’s Jake Genoni’s kick after the siren.

From 50 metres – to snatch victory from Koo Wee Rup.

It all built up to the senior clash.

Phillip Island Bulldogs, undefeated all year.

Except their round 9 draw – now the long-awaited rematch against Cora Lynn.

The lead of the classy Bulldogs, reduced by the strong finishing Cobras.

Momentum swung in the third, Cora Lynn taking the reins into the wind.

In the final term, the ball was simmering in Cora Lynn’s forward pocket.

Four points down, only minutes to go.

In and out of the fifty, nobody had control.

Until the siren blew.

Phillip Island 9.11-65 to Cora Lynn 9.7-61

All media by Tom McNish



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