THE GG PODCAST ep. 1 – Microtransactions, Loot Box Mechanics, and Pre-orders


This is the first episode in The GG Podcast, brought to you by Ilman Ariffin, Jason Ngagianto, and James Bosco. The GG Podcast talks about video gaming, from trends to new releases.

The first episode will look at the ongoing trends found in modern video games, such as in-game microtransactions and loot box mechanics .For those who don’t know, loot box mechanics refers to a game practice where players receive randomised in-game items from loot boxes, usually purchasable with real-life currency.

The episode will also bring up other issues such as the law enforcement on video games as well as shady pre-order marketing.

Going through various examples, the podcast will discuss the good and the bad in gaming microtransactions, the history behind the loot box mechanics, and some outrageous stories on shady tactics found in the gaming industry. Should we dismiss in-game microtransactions as harmless? Or should we boycott in-game microtransactions altogether? Find out in the podcast.


Hosted by Ilman Ariffin, Jason Ngagianto, and James Bosco.



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