Review: A booked-out physic read my fortune and here is what she said

It’s been one month since popular psychic Ashlyn Begg gave me a reading from her Leopold home – enough time for the predictions to unfold and see how my future panned out.

The session began with a reminder to take what she says with a grain of salt. To relax her clients, she will insist they not hold onto every word and to trust the magic. 

“I try to keep it really positive, but I never lie to people. I’m not going to pretend it is all roses,” Ashlyn said. 

She does not ask me any questions before we begin. She believes the less she knows about someone, the better. Many sceptics assume that psychics go online and research their clients; however, Ashlyn denied these accusations. 

“I am not very good with technology, and I never do background research because anyone could paint a picture on social media of themselves and it is not accurate,” she said.

She began shuffling a deck of cards that looked quite gothic and unsettling. They were the first deck of cards she had ever owned and referred to them as her ‘old faithful’. 

I had to pick 12 cards from this deck two times over. Ashlyn spoke of the tactics employed by other clients to choose the ‘right’ cards, which included patterns, putting them on the ground and much more. I tried to enforce significance to my selection but failed to do so. I was reassured that the universe would guide my decisions and pick the right ones for me. 

Ashlyn Begg, the Leopold psychic and medium. Source: Facebook

Ashlyn then began to mention a lot of things about me that I don’t know how she would have known. She spoke about my gap year and how I had a change of heart as I was seeking a creative outlet that could make money. Following my gap year, I came home and changed courses. My plan was initially to study law, but I returned with a desire to write.  

She said I would be going to Tasmania in a van that my boyfriend would deck out. He had very recently looked into us going there and already owns a van with the purpose of decking it out for travel.

She said I would be going to Darwin and it will be significant. Since this reading, my army friend living in Darwin asked a group of us to visit him this summer. For the significant part, I will have to wait and see. 

Without me asking about my boyfriend or providing his name, she seemed to know things about him that even he, being a sceptic, was impressed by. She could see that he knows what he wants to do but does not know how to get there. This really resonated with him but could also apply to a vast majority of young adults.  

Largely, the reading focused on the future, which cannot be proven for some time. Looking back, it felt like I was being told what I wanted to hear, but I am not sure how she would have known that.

The beginning of my reading focused on my journalism. She had quickly come to the conclusion that I was a traveller and predicted this would inspire a career in travel journalism. Travel journalism seemed like a pipe dream for me; I always wanted to try it but had never got around to it. 

She saw me as a freelance journalist with a blog that gained attention for my style of writing. She further listed countries that she thinks will be significant for me, which happened to be at the top of my travel list. This included Peru, India, Turkey and Cambodia.

I was told that something “amazing” would happen to me this September or October, but I was not given any more detail. While this month has been good, I would not go as far as saying something amazing has happened.

Coming out of the reading, I initially felt warm and fuzzy. I was hopeful, which was nice as I often doubt myself. Being told that I was on the right path was incredibly therapeutic, and I can see the appeal. 

However, it seems as though “something good” is always going to happen, and everyone is always “on the right path”. I wondered if I exposed too much excitement for guesses she had made that then spiralled into her painting the picture of an ideal life.  

Ashlyn did not get anything wrong about my loved ones or me, but she also left a lot of things up in the air. 

This experience has given me the motivation to try travel journalism which makes me think that perhaps psychic readings have the potential for self-realisation. Whatever you are told, and the emotion it elicits, whether it be glad or sad may bring clarity for what you genuinely want and encourage you to act on it.   

Read more about Ashlyn Begg here.


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