Podcast: AFL or NRL?


Entering the last weeks of the AFL and NRL finals series, it has been an eventful year for Australian sport with the country’s most prominent codes showing no signs of slowing down.

After the controversy surrounding the changes to AFL rules at the start of the year, Lynden Bullow and Travis Martin decided to visit a conversation that has plagued Australia’s pub sport conversations for decades: which of the two major codes of football is “better“?

The age-old debate was rekindled by an article written by Roy Masters in The Sydney Morning Herald, explaining how the codes of AFL and NRL are the two most watched within Australia, each boasting their own most-watched programs in the forms of the AFL Grand Final and the NRL State of Origin.

With Rugby Union and the A-League plummeting in popularity, both Bullow and Martin thought it only right to try and see who tops the list.  



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